But what about Fear?

But what about Fear? 
~a free-verse about the fear-verse ~

That’s a “dangerous way of thinking.”
I can hear my families voices ringing in my ears.
Espousing danger, is a favorite past time in Christianity.
Keeping the wife blind, and the women silent.
“They get too emotional, so of course they shouldn’t be in a place of leadership because we can’t trust their decision-making skills.”

Anything that is different from the legalistic way,
I was trained to believe as a child,
Thinking differently,
Ultimately it leads to my own FREEDOM,
which is DANGEROUS.
Once you are free, you are no longer protected.
You must remain in a box of curated thinking,
in order to stay protected by those in that same box.
They claim salvation through their ideals.


Right has no finesse.
To be right, is to penetrate with bullets or a sword.
It’s staccato. It hurts, it stings.  We bleed.
And don’t mistake me saying RIGHT as being correct.  Or RIGHT is accurate.
To be RIGHT, comes from a desire to be heard.
Call it insecurity, call it a tiny penis.  Call it misinformed.
Call it what you WILL.
But where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.
Even for those who believe they are RIGHT.

So, when one believes something different than me,
if the instinct is to FEAR
Then I must ask you, are you afraid you might be WRONG?
Would that mean your whole life was built on sand?
Are you then, duped?
Can no one trust you then?
Oh no, must you now humble yourself?
Must you start over?
Must you change your mind?

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Did you waste it?
Did you waste your life?

You raised me.
The next generation is always here, to pick up where you left off.
To take up arms, to lay down our arms.
To carry the sword of truth, whatever it may be.
To RIGHT, your wrongs.

So instead of telling me I’m thinking dangerously, remind me,
I’m thinking independently.
Independent of you.
Which is a good thing.
Maybe I’ll be able to be a leader after all.
Think freedom, instead of fear.
Think that – new thoughts, speak eloquence.
They resonate, because they are new tones, new sounds to the ear.
Rather then the droning that will eventually be tuned out.

And before you start thinking, that you’ve heard these words before,
just know,
it’s my first time experiencing them.
So let me ride this wave.
It is God’s WILL. And God’s WILL, is always RIGHT.
So have no FEAR.