Is it too soon to be full?

Nuno picked me up at the airport. We had a 10minute drive to the apartment, that was filled with asking each other all sorts of questions. He spoke English leaps and bounds better than my Portuguese.

When I walked into the apartment, the most amazing smells permeated the air.  Teresa was busy in the kitchen.  She stopped rolling dough to give me a huge hug, as if I was family, while we both expressed how happy we were to meet each other.  She’s petite, warm and spunky.  Yep, we are going to get along.

She was baking cookies and making soup.  Traditional Portuguese soup from the mainland is a pureed mixture, in this case – Vegetable. (Azorean soup is more chunky, like stew.) The soup was accompanied with warm bread from the oven that had thin strips of meat on the inside, along with a meat and cheese plate. The cheese happened to be from the Azores. Then I was served a delicious oatmeal cookie with fresh orange zest and chia seeds, hot from the oven; followed by a slice of watermelon. I loved how fresh everything tasted and was completely satisfied!

We were cleaning up, and Nuno realized he forgot to give me a piece of the cake he made for me yesterday. So one more course ended the meal – a piece of orange cake, with coconut shavings, accompanied with an aperitif of Port wine, from Teresa’s mother’s hometown, Porto . They claimed to have the best oranges in the world here in Portugal.  After tasting those deliciously orange-infused desserts, I am a believer.

So I’m off to bed completely satisfied and lips permanently curled on both sides.
As I exclaimed multiple times to this lovely couple, upon arrival to their home – I’m so excited to be here!